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The Dropout

        Jimmy Smith (born February 1, 1995) known professionally as The Dropout or Sauce Papi, is a Music Artist from Memphis, TN currently living in Atlanta, GA. He has made 13 music projects starting with his first which released in 2011. Dropout has spent the last couple of years growing in his artistry and advancing in his journey of self awareness. As an independent artist, he's made it his specialty of cutting out the "middle man" and using the ability of doing things on his own to grow him more as a creative being. Unless specified, Dropout has produced, written, and mixed all of his music, directed, shot, and edited all of his visuals, and basically is self promoted. 

        The Dropout comes from a home where his mother raised him on her own and his older brother was in and out of jail. He lives his life with the intent of giving his mother a life he feels she deserves. Along with other goals, he wishes to spread love and encouragement to the youth with the message that, "You can do anything you want to, figure it out, SOAR, and spread love." He was raised in a Christian household and his actions stand boldly on Philippians 4:13. 

        Dropout listens to a wide range of music in order to universalize his sound. His art strays from the norm generally heard around his hometown. His unique approach to music sets him apart from the great sea of aspiring artists. He has worked with artists such as B. Slade (formerly known as Tonéx) landing a feature on Slade's album titled "The Black Belt" and again on the introduction song for his new self titled album, "B Slade". Dropout has made appearances on the local scene by starring on Memphis' own television show BrinkTV as well as being a guest at Radio Memphis. 

        The Dropout does not currently have a manager and wishes to keep 100% creative control when/if ever he signs to any manager or label.

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